Nowadays, you really can bet on anything and everything, but there are still some very traditional games the UK like to enjoy more than others. Luckily for you, you can find reviews from top gambling operators here at Spinathon. From poker, to online casinos to the National Lottery, here are some of the most popular and more normal things bet on in the UK.

  1. The National Lottery – unsurprisingly, this is one of the most popular forms of betting. Open to anyone from the age of 16, and as simple as purchasing a ticket from the nearest store, it’s easy, it’s affordable and it’s a little bit of a treat. Set up in 1994, the lottery not only is known for its whopping awards (if you are the lucky one in a billion), but also for its contribution to charitable causes. It is heavily regulated under the National Lottery Act 1993.


  1. Online Gambling – this is by far one of the most popular forms of gambling amongst the UK’s population and it’s easy to see why. With most people now carrying a smart phone, tablet or laptop, access to the internet has never been easier. A click away, online casinos are offering games that have themes, colours and gameplay akin to a film at the cinema, creating an immersive experience that feels as good as a trip to the movies. In 2016, online gambling accounted for 33% of all gambling in Britain. This is a mix of casino games, bingo and betting exchanges.


  1. Sports – in the UK, we are lucky enough to have legalised sports betting unlike America who only recently lifted a 26 year ban. There’s no doubt we like to dress up and enjoy a day at the races, a tradition that is the theme of many online slot games. In the UK, bets are placed on football, horse racing and even greyhound racing. It’s estimated to be worth £650 million and is growing year on year, with major organisations like Betfred taking full advantage of this.


  1. Casinos –the starring feature of many a James Bond film or any other spy thriller, casinos have a historic tradition and still are very much part of the gambling culture, not just in the UK but in fact worldwide. With the first UK casino opened in Wales in 1961 in Port Talbot, casinos have seen a lot of growth, and have become even more glamorous, unique and certainly are the places to be seen. In 2011, their design was taken to the next level with the opening of Super Casinos in London. Not to forget the range of online casinos now being opened at a rapid pace. To help narrow down your options you can visit this website, were they independently review a wide variety of new online casinos.


  1. Amusement Arcades – although these are seen more as family venues, arcades are also popular places for adults to game. They consist of 3 categories: family entertainment centres, unlicensed family entertainment centres and adult gaming centres. With slots machines and various games for children, sectioned off areas for the over 18s are common with a range of betting machines such as fruit machines and slot machines. Venues require a license to operate these machines.