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Probably, everyone else already knows that gambling is very legal in the UK and untaxed, that is 100% sure. Also, which includes online poker, swiss online casino, live poker, everything. Many US pros moved here as well as EU pros to avoid taxes. In terms of safety, internet speed and quality of life, you can get it here.


Aside from hearing that everything else is ok with the UK, there are also disadvantages playing poker there. One of which is that British food has a bad reputation. However, international restaurants are everywhere. So, it won’t be a problem. No problems accessing poker sites as well, although there is one issue with PokerStars. They’ll be going to put you on the client instead of the for 7% fewer VIP rewards or so. But the good thing is any bank cards will work since poker is legal. Neteller and Skrill work in the UK as well.


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Internet speed is pretty cheap and fast that is about 50 – 150 Mb per monthly costs and 1 GBP is about 1.50 USD or 1.40 EUR. Casinos are everywhere and they run a lot of promos as well like Dusk Til Dawn in Nottingham, is a famous one.


With regards to looking for a place to stay, 450 EUR for renting an individual studio room with other people in London would be one of the options or 1100 EUR to get your own flat with one bedroom. But you still have other options like Manchester, Nottingham, and Leeds or maybe outside of England like Ireland and Scotland.


Safety is not an issue because like in the US, in every street corner are installed with CCTV, and they also have their own version of 911 for their fast emergency services. Also, expats are entitled to the free healthcare program that they got there. So, if you are planning to stay there for long, you should start with the standard visitor visa that has 1 – 10 years stay or 6 months validity for each trip which you can see in their government website. Then, after 10 years you can now apply to settle in the UK if you wanted to and play poker forever.

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