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2017 was the year companies depicted high competition in production of super-quality best DSLR cameras.However,digital trends despite having tough time to ascertain the best camera of the year,did not fail to identify that very winner of the day.Do you now which camera became the best DSLR camera 2017? Sony A9 carried the day.It qualified that award consideration because of its groundbreaking features.Lets look exactly at what gave Sony A9 a win.

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Sony A9 Features Summary

This is a mirrorless camera that is designed for action photographers.It has a 24MB full frame BSI CMOS sensors with a very high resolution.Additionally,Sony allows a high speed continuous shooting of up to 20fps.Its accuracy and speed is high because of its super processor.What about the quality of the image?It is absolutely remarkable.What makes it further fascinating is the non-blackout nature of its view finder.Talking of the auto-focus system,it contains 25 contract-detect points and 393 phase detection points.Its super quality lens can guarantee you a sharp photo at its burst mode.It has a better,long lasting and high capacity battery alongside more customizable controls.Finally,it has a 3-inch display screen which is apparently a touch screen.


Sony A9 offers the best photo quality ever regardless of either low or high ISOs.Its dynamic range is quite cool .I love it phenomenal super fast speed of 20fps.Furthermore,its battery is long lasting and finally it has a dual card slots.


Some of the things that can make you go against this camera include its heavy body of about 67.3g, its buffer clearing is quite slow and has got no 4k/60p option.


Sony A9 starting price in may 2017 was an MSRP of US $4500.


Sony A9 is actually worth the best camera of the year.Its cool feature has well suite photographers and vediographers. High performance ,high speed and super quality images among others make it further attractive to more people.Thanks to Sony for having thought of such a wonderful product,the best DSLR camera 2017. Read more..

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